Most homeowners who have a painting project also have this common lament,
"If I'm not familiar with any painter, how do I know their work and whether I can trust them?"
Let's face it, without a trial arrangement - the homeowner assumes all the risk.
That's why Burke and Crew offers the services of their painters to new customers for a FREE trial, for a full day.
We wouldn't take on the risk of customers being dissatisfied after a free trial if we didn't have absolute certainty that our painters deliver extraordinary value consistently.
Homeowners rarely have a project that takes only a day - that's why we have the confidence to cover the cost of a painter for a day knowing that if there is more work, you're going to insist on a paintwright from Burke and Crew to finish the project.
Now you can trust the painter who has been assigned to your project, so you can truly "Consider it DONE".

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