A house that has been properly painted is, for most homeowners, a sight-to- behold. While certain people wait until they need to paint their home (usually for preservation issues), there is a portion of homeowners who can’t wait to paint for the dramatic effect of a fresh coat of paint, or a whole new color altogether. Regardless of the reasons we choose to paint our homes, most agree the actual task of commencing a painting project is justifiably anticipated as being a royal pain in the derriere. Homeowners don’t seem to appreciate the fact that their involvement in managing the project can almost become a part-time job. The homeowner has to first figure out what specifically it is they want done, then determine which contractors should be invited to bid, meet with each one individually to repeat the same specs over and over, and, finally provide a proposal template that ideally enables an “apples to apples” comparison. The inaugural process alone can dampen the excitement of any desired result. Although the benefits of competitive bidding are significant, the task of inviting contractors to vie for your painting project is fraught with hassles:

1. Arranging appointments that don’t cost you a day
2. Selecting a prudent number of potential candidates.
3. Were they all giving the same project parameters?
4. Should you include the neighbor’s kid just to be cordial?
5. Necessary to pre-screen contenders first?

Already a major workload, and we haven’t even arrived at a price yet.
Fortunately, the Report on the 5 Critical Factors that promise to take the hassle
out of the rest of the painting, the experience is yours for the asking.

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