Outbuilding Restoration Service

Many older homes on Cape Ann are blessed with sheds/shacks in the backyard that fishermen used to store their gear in.

Over the years, these sheds have begun to deteriorate out of neglect. They all fall into various states of disrepair; usually the roof goes first and water seeping into the structure begins the spiral of damage, the neglected siding begins to warp and wear, footings crumble, and the whole building is seemingly on it’s last legs.

These outbuildings are definitely worth the effort and expense to not only repair, but to restore to their former function, or better yet, be re-purposed to serve a variety of objectives: a dedicated workshop, an office, a playroom, an apartment or in-law studio, not to mention plain old quality storage

Owners contact Burke & Crew to either reconstruct, restore, or re-purpose these wonderful old sheds into something of beauty and function, and in the process add value to their property that significantly exceeds the investment. We have the experience and capability to tackle the entire project no matter whether it entails design, foundation, structural, siding, roofing, etc. – we get it done and done right.

Other than the materials cost, most clients are delighted at how inexpensive it can be to include the finished shed in a renovation budget for their property. Before commencing the project, we’ll explore different design ideas, provide solutions to construction challenges, and develop a detailed Scope Of Work that includes a thoughtful estimate.

We generally can complete the project from footings to stain in a few short weeks and deliver an outcome that will satisfy all your objectives.

Contact us to begin discussing your restoration project ASAP and we’ll make you wonder why you didn’t take on this property enhancement a lot sooner.