Your paint job will last!

John is an orchestrator of painting and refinishing projects. He understands temperature, humidity, the history of old paint on different materials and what the combinations of materials and older painting jobs can mean to the correct approach of a new finish. He will discuss with you the issues at stake; he will give you options; he will tell you what is really involved and how long you can expect it to take. He will talk about when the painting should occur in relation to whatever else you are doing in your project. John understands the big picture; and this means getting outside just the paint. You will come away from the conversation better educated to make the right choice. And your paint job will last. You will know that you’ve spent your money wisely. Anybody can paint. In 2010, Burke and Crew painted the renovation and addition to my house in Beverly Farms, a building that went on to become a stop on the Green Building Open House Tour, 2 years in a row.

Michael Arvid Hardiman