About Burke & Crew

Mission Statement

Inspire delight with an unwavering commitment to provide a best-in-class experience for our customers and employees by exceeding expectations and delivering outstanding results.

Core Values

Provide legendary customer service.
Deliver exceptional value.
Ceaseless attention to improvement and innovation.
Exhibit conduct becoming of a painting professional.
Foster rewarding career options for each of our crew.
Make the communities we serve better places to live.

Code of Ethics

No false promises or claims.
Honor all commitments.
Provide a true appraisal of the owner’s actual needs.
Fulfill professional and contract obligations.
Communicate any change in schedule, SOW, or unforeseen conditions


Engage only qualified painters with experience and character.
Respect client property by leaving it in the condition we found it.
Behavior is always courteous and considerate.
Maintain a neat and clean professional appearance.
No smoking, no loud music, no vulgarity.
Zero tolerance for alcohol or drugs.
If a mishap occurs, we will own our responsibility.
Stand behind our work and service.



Painting Cape Ann Beautiful Since 2006

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