Why Choose Burke & Crew to Clear Your Gutters?

There are a number of contractors that claim to offer homeowners gutter cleaning in the fall, but clean gutters are not what you should concern yourself with as the weather gets colder. You may want the appearance of clean shiny gutters, BUT what is more important is that they be cleared of any debris that might impede water drainage. Hence the correct term: gutter clearing.

If your objective is to prevent ice dams, lighten your gutters from the damaging weight of standing water, and be sure your downspouts are unclogged and free-flowing, the last thing you need to worry about is the exterior finish of your gutters (Burke & Crew, Cape Ann’s trusted painting company, does that task when we do exterior painting or power wash the exterior of your house).

Hundreds of our repeat customers request that we make certain their gutters are cleared before the ravages of winter. We accomplish this by hand-collecting all the debris (twigs, leaves, shingle gravel, decomposed vegetation mud, tennis balls, etc.) from every inch of your gutters. From there, we neatly capture the waste in a bucket for discrete disposal. This ensures your drain pipes are free of dams and clogs, allowing the water to drain quickly and correctly.

If necessary, we will make minor repairs to gutters and drain pipes (re-fasten loose gutters to the fascia board or connect elbow drains to straight drains). However, if the situation calls for more drastic action, we’ll call in a gutter installer for you.

When’s the last time your gutters were cleaned? Regular cleaning ensures that your gutters won’t back up and cause problems during a heavy storm.

Two strong recommendations: homeowners have NO business climbing ladders to do this dirty, cold, and tedious chore. Dangerous heights, not to mention unwelcome beehives that too frequently surprise you, make this a risky task.

And don’t think you can eliminate the chore by installing expensive leaf guards — we haven’t identified one yet that proved satisfactory. In fact, they seriously impede the necessary clearing of pesky debris.

Homeowners don’t have to wait until fall to clear their gutters. If it’s been some time since they were last cleared, you may note some green vegetation growing out of the gutters, or water spilling over the gutter because of a clogged drain.

We clear gutters year round and would be pleased to put yours back in working order. Call before the water inevitably backs up into the house and makes a mess of your exterior walls and ceilings. As they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of clearing.”

As with all Burke & Crew services, satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. Contact us to learn more about our gutter clearing service.