1. The Importance Of Having A Freshly Painted House When Selling

    In the world of buying and selling property, first impressions are absolutely imperative. Before delving further into the characteristics of a property, the first thing a potential buyer will do is take in all the visual information available to them. They’ll look for colors that appeal to them, a…Read More

  2. The Fixed-Price Conundrum

    When it comes to a major project that calls for a significant investment, we generally feel that it is prudent to request a fixed-price – we prefer to know how much money will be involved, and more to the point, what’s the most this project is going to cost me? Conventional practice is to invite…Read More

  3. Outsourcing Due Diligence

    You’ve decided the house needs to be painted. Questions now arise in rapid-fire sequence: Who to call? How many to invite for bids? What are the project specifications? Hiring criteria? How to select the right contender? What is the vetting process? It would be so easy to just go with your gut and…Read More

  4. Addressing Urgent Painting Needs

    More often than not, home owners run into situations where the need to paint is urgent in nature: you’ve just bought a house and you need to re-decorate it before you move in, you’ve decided to sell your house and now you want to get it presentable as quickly as possible before you put the prope…Read More

  5. Preparing A House For Sale – Staging With Paint

    When it’s time to sell the house, most homeowners focus on two major concerns: how to secure the highest price possible, and what can be done to shorten the sales cycle. Beyond market conditions and the relative value of the house, the selling price of residential homes is primarily driven by two …Read More

  6. Flat or Satin Sheen for my Exterior?

    When you paint your home’s exterior there is a choice between flat and satin sheens, and since the exterior is subjected to major stresses, including rain, ice, UV rays, and physical wear (maybe by children), this decision is important. The various sheen levels of paint are determined by the ratio…Read More

  7. How to Prevent Mildew from Taking Hold

    Mildew Prevention   One of the most common paint problems homeowners may encounter is mildew. Often mistaken for dirt buildup, mildew appears as a black, gray, or brown discoloration on a painted surface. Although there are several mildew resistant paints now on the market, the mildew that is c…Read More

  8. Top reasons why you should paint your ceilings

    Painting the ceiling is an excellent way to tie the room in with an adjacent room to give the house a sense of flow. Using the ceiling to bring in color from other rooms compliments the design without eliminating decor. Here are some of the top reasons why including the ceilings in your next paintin…Read More

  9. How to know if you can trust your painter

    Assuming TRUST                                                                     Residential painting can be a trying trade; painters may work in uncomfortable conditions, from great heights, often dealing with hazardous materials…Read More

  10. Why references are so important when hiring a contractor

    The key to assuring the effort to check references is worthwhile and yields useful information is to request that your contractor candidate submit recent business activity. You want names and contact information of their most recent clients with dates of service (that you will confirm). This is to…Read More