Restore Rather than Replace

There are a lot of older homes on Cape Ann and if they haven’t replaced their aging windows, it’s probably time to think about purchasing new windows or refurbishing the original ones so you can get another 30-50 years’ service out of them.

When windows, or more specifically the glazing that holds the glass in place, are exposed to the relentlessly changing weather conditions of New England (even with storm windows wood and putty are not protected from the elements) the original putty loses its flexibly and the window glazing cracks and dries out, You’ll note that the glazing needs attention if you see cracking, lifting, and even voids where the dried glazing has fallen out.

Many home owners choose to repair their windows rather than replace them for a variety of reasons, not the least of them being the wood the window sash and mullions are made of. The original wood is typically referred to as “old-growth pine” which defies rot much like a dense hardwood. Replacement windows can’t make the same claim. Virtually all replacement windows are constructed of “new growth” pine (we’ve managed to exhaust the natural supply of old growth pine) which has a strong tendency to rot after just a few short years.

Re-glazing might also be a preference for homeowners who have architecturally distinct windows (diamond mullions, stained glass, palladium uppers, etc.) where replacement windows simply won’t provide the same “look”. Many older windows also sport antique glass with its charming imperfections and slight ripples that can’t be replicated with replacement windows.

In any event, if you choose to save your windows, you’ll need to hire a professional who is adept at glazing… and those painters can be hard to find, because the current generation of painters hasn’t had to deal with window restoration because of the preponderance of replaced windows.

Burke & Crew are paintwrights with staff that are highly skilled at the task of window glazing. From window prep, putty removal, wood preservation, and expert application of new glazing, B&C can make your windows look factory-finished and ready for a fresh coat of trim paint to complement your exterior paint job.

Professional Experience

As a contractor possessing deep experience in glazing, we look forward to counseling property owners with their window concerns, and offer advice as to what the best decision might be going forward.

Should you decide to retain the original windows, we’ll provide a detailed explanation of what we’ll do, how we’ll do it, and what to expect from a masterful job of re-glazing each designated window.

We’ll also provide a proposal that stipulates pricing parameters which you’ll find both fair and compelling. Combine our glazing capability with our 1-year unconditional satisfaction guarantee and you’ll have a clear vision as to your next move for protecting your investment.