Interior Painting Services in Gloucester, MA

Give Your Home’s Interior A Makeover
With Burke & Crew Paintwright Experts

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Top Rated Local® Painting Company In Cape Ann.

Burke & Crew Paintwrights specializes in both Interior and Exterior painting services.

Based in Gloucester Ma, Burke & Crew Paintwrights specialize in both interior and exterior painting. Our commitment to professionalism and exceeding expectations are just two reasons why our customers love us and continue to choose Burke & Crew for all their painting needs.

Interior Painting

Give Your Home’s Interior A Makeover With Burke & Crew Paintwright

There are few better ways to get the rooms in your home looking as good as new than with a fresh paint job. While you can certainly suit up, cover your furniture, and apply a fresh coat of paint yourself, the amount of detail and precision required to make your home’s interior truly shine is best left to a professional.

When you choose Burke & Crew Paintwrights, you are working with the best in the business. From our high-quality paints to our experienced paint crew, you won’t believe how great the results can be until you see them with your eyes. Simply fill out the contact form to the right, and we’ll get back to you with your free painting estimate.


Why Choose Burke & Crew Paintwrights?

Why choose us for Exterior painting

Start With A Free Estimate

When you choose Burke & Crew Paintwrights, you’ll talk with one of our expert painters to get a true appraisal of your actual needs. We’ll listen to your goals and consult with you to determine the amount of work that will go into each particular job. We’ll let you know exactly what to expect from your painting service. We never make a promise that we can’t keep, and we’ll never stick surprise fees onto your bill after we’re done.

Color Advice From Experts

Choosing a paint color from the myriad of colors, tones, shades, and tints out there can be overwhelming. Our experienced interior painters will work with you to pick out the perfect paint for each room in your home. We’ll make sure that nothing clashes and the paint throughout your home is tied together in a unified whole. We want you to be confident not only in the technical skill of our painters, but also how your home will look when the job is done.

Highly Trained And Experienced Painting Professionals

When it comes to interior painting, there’s no substitute for a seasoned professional. Not only will they deliver when it comes to a uniform coating and a thorough paint job, but they are also skilled in best practices to protect your furniture and flooring. Our crew is also meticulously detailed and will ensure every spot that needs to be covered is covered. We’ll always respect your property and do a thorough clean up after we’re done.

Our Interior Painting Work

Get A Free Painting Estimate

Customers of Burke and Crew Paintwrights appreciate the advantage of being able to pay for professional services with their credit card. They decide on the amount they want to charge (all, or a portion) on a reward program card – and either earn travel miles or cash- back points. Doesn’t get any better than this: the experience and satisfaction of a world-class paint job… AND the option of earning reward points too!

Choose Gloucester’s Foremost Painting Company For
Your Interior Painting Services Needs

At Burke & Crew, we take the time to listen to our clients, ensuring all their needs and wants are heard before we begin a project. We know nothing is more frustrating than a painting contractor that refuses to listen.
So if you’re in the market for reliable interior house painting services completed to the highest quality standards in Gloucester and the greater Essex County area, call on Burke & Crew Paintwrights.
Our dedication to providing exceptional value and our high code of ethics ensure you’ll get a paint job your satisfied with at reasonable rates with no false promises. Contact us to schedule your free painting estimate today. We look forward to providing you with the legendary customer service we are known for.

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