Questions you need to ask exterior painting companies in Wenham before making the deal

Before hiring any professionals for work at your house, you should conduct some kind of a screening test to get an understanding of their reputation as well as the services on offer. You should follow the same when you hire painters from exterior painting companies in Wenham as well. Here are a few questions that you must ask exterior painting contractors in Wenham before finalizing the deal.

How many years of experience do you have?

The first thing you need to ask the various exterior painting companies in Wenham is what their experience in the field amounts to. With experience comes expertise. You would not want a bunch of novices doing the job and then end up spending money on repainting your house in a couple of months. Therefore, always opt for professionals who know what they are doing. Furthermore, you should also check if the company is registered and has an official license to offer the service.

Do you hire temporary workers randomly?

Now this is a question that can tell you a lot about the company. There are several companies that hire temporary workers right off the street since they are ready to work for a low pay. However, you should only opt for exterior painting companies in Wenham that hire professionals with experience in the field. A top company will have a legitimate screening test for their hiring process. Furthermore, you should also ask the company if they cover insurance for their workers.  Insurance cover for the painters will ensure that you won’t have to pay for anything in case of a mishap.

What is the turnaround time you can promise?

Before making the deal, make sure that you ask about the turnaround time the exterior painting contractors in Wenham promise. As this basically differs from project to project, you first need to give all the details of the project and then let them quote a timeline. You may opt for the contractor who promises to do the job in less time without compromising the quality. If possible, you may even sign a contract with a clause regarding the same to ensure the timely completion of the project.

What is the equipment you use?

The quality and efficiency of the paint job hugely depends on the equipment being used by the exterior painting companies in Wenham which is why you should ask about it beforehand. Screeners, multi-level ladders, rollers, brushes, spray paints, drums, big buckets and huge tarpaulin sheets are just some of the main equipment that they should be using.

Do you use lead-free paint or not?

Using paints with lead is a big no-no and therefore you should be very clear about not wanting this with the exterior painting contractors in Wenham you talk to. Contact with lead can be really harmful to you and can potentially be fatal to young kids, which is why you should avoid using lead-based paints at all costs.

Can you paint exterior furniture as well?

If you have furniture on the outside of your home and want it painted, then you may very well ask the exterior painting companies in Wenhamwhether they are willing to paint the same, before making the deal. If they say yes, then it will help you get everything sorted in one go. However, keep in mind that the company will charge extra for this as it will be counted as a separate project.

Now that you know all the important questions to ask the different exterior painting companies in Wenham along with the ideal answers, you should be able to choose the right company to do the job for you. If you want to save yourself all this research, just get in touch with Burke and Crew today!