How the Weather Impacts Exterior Painting

Various weather conditions, including extreme temperatures and high humidity, can ruin your entire exterior paint project before, during, and after the process. Even the best exterior painters need to consider this to avoid costly errors. Exterior house painters should monitor the weather throughout the entire process to know what to do when things get worse.

For instance, exterior painters near me in Manchester, undertaking a painting project in cold weather, should consider using a paint that can withstand cold-weather conditions. Ignoring this will result in the paint not drying correctly, something you would like to avoid.

Exterior painting can also be susceptible to direct sunlight. It causes the paint to dry quickly, often creating lap marks. The wind can ruin your exterior painting project because the paint can dry too fast, and even worse, blow dirt to the paint surface.

Rainy days come with a share of low humidity, causing improper paint drying.

What should exterior painting services near me in Machester do to carry out a successful painting project? Painting in low humid, mild temperature, and fewer wind conditions would help you avoid various issues.

Now let’s discuss in length the effects of weather conditions on your painting project:

Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures often result in consistently thick paints, making it hectic to apply and take a long time to dey properly. As a result, your project will flaws, including drips, sagging, or runs. Besides, these temperatures break the bond between the paint and the surface, resulting in peeling and uneven finishes.

Therefore, the best exterior painters should insist on using paints specifically made for cold temperatures. Homeowners should consider buying paints from manufacturers who provide minimum temperatures on their paints to ensure they get only those effective for their exterior projects. Sometimes, the temperatures can drop below the required thresholds. In this case, exterior house painters have to cancel the project when the temperatures climb back up.


Exterior painting is vulnerable to high humidity, resulting in massive problems. Water-based paints depend on an exact ratio of the water solvent, additives, pigment, and resin properly. But a lot of water vapor in the air can interfere with the drying timeline, leading to awkward results.

Hot Temperatures

On the other hand, extreme heat can affect your exterior painting results. Hot temperatures on the paint’s outer surface dry quickly compared to the inside paint touching the wall, causing bumps and wrinkles. So, it’s not advisable for exterior painters near me in Machester to paint in temperatures of over 100 degrees.


Regardless of the weather conditions, having a beautiful exterior home is possible. However, you’ll need to hire knowledgeable exterior painting services near me in Machester with a perfect plan for whichever weather. This will ensure excellent results and prevent costly errors.