5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Painting Your House

A beautiful home is a top priority for many homeowners. No matter how old your walls are, a new fresh coat of paint can revive them to desirable levels. Whether it’s a single wall or an entire house, you need to pay attention to avoid compromising this necessary task.

It can be hectic sometimes for homeowners since they may run out of exciting house painting ideas. But not for professionals who carry out house painting near me in Ipswich. These experienced professionals understand what it takes to paint your house. They will help you select the perfect paint types for your walls and provide insights on paint varieties’ best prices.

However, mistakes can happen when choosing the paints and comparing prices to get the perfect paint for your walls. Such mistakes are prevalent when you want to do it personally. This can waste your money and get you stressed.

Fortunately, we have a list of some of the common mistakes to avoid to save you this headache:

  1. Selecting inferior quality paint applicators

It’s not wrong to choose cheap alternatives for our daily needs. However, exterior house painting requires considering quality above anything else. Inferior quality applicators will cost you a lot in the long run. High-quality brushes and rollers ensure proper application of color to the walls. With proper care, you’ll use them for a long time. Therefore, the best option is to choose high-quality applicators.

  1. Painting in low light

The low-light painting will not provide excellent results. While it may seem perfect at first sight, shedding more light onto the surface will show the paint’s flaws and patches. At this point, you’ll have to consider other house painting ideas to improve your surfaces, costing you a lot more in the process.

Therefore, it’s critical to paint bright lights to avoid missing some spaces on your walls and to ensure even paint application.

  1. Not using the Painter’s Tape

If you are a beginner in the painting industry, you might not know a painter’s tape. Because of this, you might not use it. However, you can never underestimate the importance of a painter’s tape. If you want to achieve perfect edges and finish, this accessory is a must-have for any painter into house painting near me in Ipswich. Ensure to place it straight and seal it properly to achieve beautiful results. Besides, you should remove the tape before the paying drys up.

  1. Inadequate surface preparation

It’s necessary to prepare your surfaces adequately before carrying out your exterior house painting project. Poorly prepared surfaces will mess your work. Prepare your surfaces properly by scraping and vacuuming your walls to eliminate any remnants and particles.

  1. Over Brushing

Applying the right amount of paint will result in a well-painted wall. The brush loaded with paint should quickly cover the required area. To avoid brush marks or ridges, painters shouldn’t brush over the same area when the paint begins to dry up.


It’s necessary to avoid the common mistakes mentioned above when painting your walls. As simple as they are, overlooking them might cost you a lot more to undo the mess.