Let interior painting companies in Essex help decorate your living room with these 5 ideas

The living room is one area of your house where you spend the most amount of time, be it with your family or your guests. In most cases, it is also the biggest room in your house. The living room gives you an opportunity to create a space that’s really beautiful and can set the mood of the whole house. This is where hiring creative professionals from one of the interior painting companies in Essexlike Burke and Crew will help you. Our well-experienced interior painting contractors in Essex will have something up their sleeves to help you have yourself a beautiful living room.

Here are 5 of the most popular ideas used by the best interior painting companies in Essexlike Burke and Crew:

Mural painting

If you are an art lover, then show it off to your friends by opting for a mural painting for one of the walls in your living room. Artists from interior painting companies in Essexlike Burke and Crew should be able to help you with it. You can either make something that reflects your personality, or you can opt for a trendy decorative piece in the room. You can even go for a comic strip featuring your favorite characters to make it completely unique.

Color blocking

Color blocking is a simple, yet effective technique popularly used by our interior painting contractors in Essex for big rooms like a living room. Now, for some it may sound too simple, but it is up to you and the professionals you hire give it a creative spin. How about using it to highlight parts of the room, like a fireplace or an archway? You can even use it to highlight the background of a painting hanging on the wall.

Geometric shapes

If you are to give a contemporary look to your living room but what to refrain from using greys, whites or blacks, then opting for a design with big geometric shapes in multiple colors is a great idea. You can use the widest wall in the room for this. One of the most popular design ideas is to use a semi-circle as the base shape and then incorporate various other shapes in it by using different colors. Make sure that the background color for this wall is of a lighter tone. Hire artistic professionals from interior painting companies in Essexlike Burke and Crew to get the best results for this particular job.

Feature or accent wall

Having a feature or accent wall in your living room is one of the most tried and tested ideas used by interior painting companies in Essexlike Burke and Crew. Even though this idea has been around for a long time, it still holds relevance because of the sense of style it brings to the room. Choose a color that contrasts with the one used for the other three walls if you want it to truly stand out. However, make sure that you have some decorative piece hanging on the wall as well to prevent it from looking flat.

Contrasted ceilings

One of the ideas that our interior painting contractors in Essex can help you with is creating contrasted ceilings. The ceiling is the part of the room that most people do not generally think about when thinking about design. To make your different, you can go for subtle contrasts like opting for a golden hue or a grey one when your walls are completely white. This way, you can add a little more depth to your room and yet keep it simple.

To give your living room a creative spin, you should hire professionals from one of the interior painting companies in Essex, like Burke and Crew!