You’ve Found The Best Interior/Exterior Painting Contractors In Gloucester, MA!

If you’re looking for the best painting contractor in all of Gloucester, MA, well you’re in luck because you have found them. Burke and Crew set ourselves apart from the rest by guaranteeing no false promises or claims, honoring all commitments, and providing a proper appraisal and listening to the owner’s needs. If you have asked us to get something done and we have said we can, consider it done.

You might be wondering what makes us the best and what makes us different from other painters? The difference is our highly experienced and skilled staff are the best of the best. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of our painters and assign jobs accordingly. This means that if you need your windows painted, we will send our best window painter instead of our best interior painter. It’s common sense!

Burke and Crew offer a wide range of services. These include:

  • Exterior painting
  • Interior painting
  • Vinyl siding restoration
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Window Glazing
  • Outbuilding restoration services
  • And we do commercial painting too.

But the thing we want to focus on today is exterior paint. Exterior Paint is a cost-effective home improvement that produces immediate results and keeps your home in a suite of Armor to protect it from weather’s elements. A good paint job beautifies and adds character to your home. But we have some more reasons why you should think about painting the exterior of your house.

Increase its value

Painting the exterior of your home is a great way to add value. It can be easily forgotten, but the first thing a person sees when they come to your home is its exterior. If you are upgrading your home because you are looking to sell, then you must paint the exterior of your house. Painting the exterior is one of the best ways to add value to your home, and it has one of the highest return on investments.

2017 Zillow Paint Colour Analysis stated that houses with grey or beige exteriors sold for $3,496 more than similar homes of another colour. Ultimately the best colour for your home comes down to its style and exterior materials used for construction but be sure to avoid yellow. The same study conducted in 2018 found that yellow homes sell for $3,408 less than similar homes of another colour.

Protect your home from rotting

Maintaining the exterior paint on your home prevents it from rotting because it protects it from the elements. Quality exterior paint works as an added layer of protection against external elements. It helps to keep your home safe from weather, insects, and dust.

Especially if you have wood siding, having this extra layer of protection stops water from penetrating. When water penetrates, the wood holds moisture and creates the perfect living environment for fungi which causes rot. If wood siding begins to rot a layer of paint won’t fix it, the entire thing needs to be replaced. This is expensive and very time consuming, whereas maintaining external paint with the best painting contractors in Gloucester is easy and much more affordable.

Keep your home insect-free.

The last reason you should maintain the external paint of your home is that it protects you from an insect infestation, mainly ants and termites. Ants and termites are attracted to certain kinds of wood siding. It can cost thousands to hire an exterminator and replace the siding which has been damaged. This is why maintaining external paint is a great idea! Not only will your home always look fresh, but it will create an extra layer of protection from insects.