Does Your Porch Require a New Paint Job?

Whenever people come to your house, the first thing they notice is your front porch. Every porch, if made of wood or concrete, requires some maintenance. If yours needs some TLC, now is an excellent opportunity to devote a weekend to restoring it to its former glory.

Based on the scale and condition of your home, you should expect to pay more for labor if you employ an exterior painting contractor. You can save money on the labor, representing the proportion of the cost if you do it yourself. However, keep in mind that painting your home will necessitate a significant amount of time and effort.

Here are some tips that can come in handy during the makeover.

Choose Your Paint Color

When it comes to painting a porch, the first step is to pick some important color choices. Because choosing paint might be a daunting task, it’s a good idea to rule out a few options beforehand.

More than one-third of householders would prefer a neutral color while redesigning their home, so choosing a color may be the simplest.

The most popular colors are gray, white, and brown, but there’s no rule stating you have to go this approach. Light hues reflect sunlight, making your porch appear larger and more inviting.

Surface Preparation

Everything must be removed off the porch before painting can begin. If you possess valuable items nearby, such as houseplants, patio furnishings, or grills, use a drop cloth to shield them from the paint.

Sweeping your front patio to eliminate dirt and trash is a good idea. Clean up the spaces between the boards as much as possible.

Cleaning your patio with a high-pressure water hose or a power washer is a great idea. Any leftover dirt should be removed, enabling you to paint on a clean canvas.

Before applying a new coat of paint, you’ll need to scrub off any old paint from your deck. Using an orbital sander, scrape the old paint from the porch’s exterior.

Stay Away From the Decoys

You’re all set to start painting your deck. To prevent spillage, make sure to conceal any nearby landscaping. Because most patio paints are self-priming, you might not need to apply one.

The most common method is to use a roller, while some people like the sensation of a brush. If you’re painting the entire porch instead of just the floor, begin at the top.

Paint in a single direction, following the pattern of the wood, and don’t use too much pressure. Work swiftly and precisely, taking special emphasis on the flooring’ unprotected corners. Because patio paint is thicker than other paints, just one coat is required.


While a DIY project is a great option for some owners, it’s best to hire exterior house painting services. A professional will also assure their work and execute the task fast so you can enjoy your newly painted exterior concrete deck as soon as feasible. The majority of them will also provide a complimentary consultation.