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Hey, this is John Burke of Burke & Crew Paintwrights.

We’re pleased to announce a new payment plan that makes the painting experience and improved property aesthetic more affordable for all our friends and neighbors on Cape Ann.

As the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-20 drag on, we wanted to make things easier for homeowners who have to watch the appearance, condition, and value of their home deteriorate. Living under those circumstances, and walking into one’s home day after day wishing they could take action to protect their investment, just adds insult to injury. We needed a solution to offset the concern of limited financial resources and continued uncertainty.

The good news?

We found the answer to ease the frustration of coping with the reality of a limited budget, or perhaps the challenge of less than perfect timing with funds tied up in other opportunities.

If you’ve been putting off protecting your greatest asset, or delaying the transformation of your home’s exterior, primarily due to the challenge of plunking down a large chunk of change… your worries are over.

Take a look at the funding options offered by our new financial partner, and let’s get positive about doing what needs doing.

There is no longer a reason why you, too, can’t just… consider it DONE.

John Burke, Founder and CEO

Burke & Crew Paintwrights

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